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Michael Fuhrman


Michael Fuhrman wore glasses since fourth grade and was unhappy with the inconvenience and the way contact lenses irritated his eyes. He waited years to pursue LASIK surgery because he was apprehensive about it. The staff at Cavanaugh Eye Center made him feel comfortable during surgery, explaining the process all the way through. Mr. Fuhrman finds his lens-free 20/20 vision and correction of his astigmatism through LASIK amazing. He says he waited too long for this surgery, and highly recommends it to friends.

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Michael: My name is Michael Furman. I've worn glasses since I was in 4th grade. When I graduated college, I thought that I should have Lasik and was very apprehensive about it and waited too many years. I came in for my consultation. I walked in the door and they greeted me at the desk, you know, and escorted me back to an exam room where they took some measurements on my eyes to try and correct my astigmatism and test my vision once again before the surgery. When through a series of eye drops, and went from there into the surgery room. Laid down on the bed and had the procedure. The staff was fantastic. What I enjoyed most about it was how everybody was very good about explaining the process and what was going on. What each drop was supposed to do. It made me very comfortable to go through the surgery that I had previously been pretty apprehensive about. I wore contacts for a long time. They started to irritate my eyes. I went to glasses and back to the inconvenience of having to wear glasses all the time, to now still seeing 20/20 and never having to worry about glasses or contacts or eye drops or anything like that. Just get up and go. It's a pretty overwhelming sensation. Being as blind as I was, and I say as being able to see as little as I could, to go in, to sitting up and being able to see, you know, a clear light switch on the other side of the room. It was an amazing feeling. I tell all my friends about it. Anybody I know that wears glasses, I recommend having Lasik surgery. The custom Lasik, what I did, corrected my astigmatism and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

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