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Eye Treatments Kansas City

We can treat kerataconus, nearsightedness, corneal irregularities, astigmatism, and other eye conditions with advanced implants and sophisticated surgical techniques.

Dry Eye Treatments: From Lipiflow to Punctal Plugs
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What is Dry Eye? Both Drs. Cavanaugh and Jaynes have an emphasis in dry eye…MORE >>

Prokera: Renewal for Damaged Eyes
Pterygium Couple

The Cavanaugh Eye Center doctors have access to the most up-to-date amniotic membrane technology What…MORE >>

Medically Necessary Contact Lenses – Hope for the Most Difficult Corneas
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Dr. Jaynes has diverse experience in treating the most difficult corneas with medically necessary contact…MORE >>

Pterygium & Pinguecula Surgery
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Dr. Cavanaugh routinely treats patients with eye conditions such as pterygia and pingueculae Funny Names:…MORE >>

Blepharoplasty – Relief for Droopy Lids
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Blepharoplasty – Relief for Droopy Lids Dr. Cavanaugh can rejuvinate your appearance and improve your…MORE >>

Blue Eye

Lipiflow is Optimal Treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) Many commonly attribute their eye discomfort…MORE >>