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Dr. Cavanaugh has the training, experience, and unsurpassed technology to provide you with optimal LASIK eye surgery results in Overland Park, KS

Science constantly provides new and promising advances in LASIK surgery, and Cavanaugh Eye Center is at the leading edge. Dr. Cavanaugh has the training, experience, and unsurpassed technology to provide you with LASIK in Overland Park, KS. Cavanaugh Eye Center has helped thousands of people achieve clear vision without glasses or contact lenses. We stay on top of the latest technology and procedures to ensure our patients receive superior results.

More than ever before, we can tailor LASIK procedures to the individual needs of our patients. Let us help your unique eyes achieve visual independence with the best solution. Schedule your LASIK consultation in Overland Park today!

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How LASIK Works

LASIK, or laser in-situ keratomileusis, is a procedure in which a laser reshapes the cornea. Approved for use in the United States in 1999, it is one of today’s safest, most effective medical procedures.

The shape of the cornea, known as the “window to the eye,” determines how light enters the eye and how well we see. A misshapen cornea alters our view, much like looking through an antique warped window. Our nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism distorts our view of the world.

LASIK allows Dr. Cavanaugh to correct these irregularities. By doing so, he corrects moderate to high levels of nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism.

A Step-by-Step Overview of LASIK Eye Surgery in Overland Park

Step 1: LASIK Consultation
Schedule a refractive consultation appointment with Dr. Cavanaugh or Dr. Jaynes and one of our highly-trained surgical counselors. Our experienced eye doctors will discuss your options in an appointment lasting about two hours. This consultation prepares you for surgery, including a dilated eye exam, diagnostic testing, and surgical counseling. During this time, you can ask any questions about LASIK, or you can read our frequently asked questions about LASIK.

After concluding your consultation and confirming your eligiblity, we’ll schedule your surgery date for LASIK in Overland Park, KS.

Step 2: LASIK Procedure
Arrive 30-45 minutes early for scheduled surgery for check-in and preparation. Technicians may repeat painless tests to ensure eye stability, eliminating errors. Expect the procedure to take 1½ to 2 hours on your procedure day.

Here’s what to expect:

  • The doctor will administer numbing eye drops for comfort when the patient is ready. Medication for nerve calming is available during LASIK surgery.
  • Dr. Cavanaugh will personally speak with you, answer questions, and examine your eyes.
  • After the medications take effect, our staff will escort you to the laser surgery suite. Here, you’ll relax on the laser bed.
  • A small device will be placed around your eyelids to keep you from blinking during the procedure.
  • During your LASIK procedure, Dr. Cavanaugh guides a special femtosecond laser to create a flap in the cornea’s outer covering, the epithelial layer.
  • After lifting the flap, an extremely precise excimer laser shapes the cornea to the proper curvature.
  • Once this is completed, the flap is carefully set back into place.

The procedure is brief, typically taking under 10 minutes. Most patients report minimal discomfort. If the patient moves, the laser promptly shuts down and resumes upon repositioning. This virtually eliminates the risk of incorrect treatment.

Step 3: LASIK Post-op Care
After the procedure, follow the doctors’ simple instructions on eye care, using the prescribed eye drops. You can go home on the day of the procedure with a designated driver. Mild irritation may occur, prompting a recommended nap. After the nap, experience minimal discomfort, immediate vision improvement, and stabilizing fully over several months, varying based on prescription treatment.

Arrange for someone to drive you to and from your first follow-up appointment with your eye doctor the day after surgery. In the follow-up visit, we’ll examine your eyes to assess LASIK eye surgery results and ensure they heal properly. For best results, you must keep all recommended post-operative visits.

Why Choose Cavanaugh Eye Center For LASIK in Overland Park?

Cavanaugh Eye Center’s commitment to personalized care and attention sets it apart. Dr. Cavanaugh and Dr. Jaynes adopt a hands-on approach, engaging with each patient throughout their journey. The center’s staff possesses extensive knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism, ensuring a superior experience for every patient.

Cutting-Edge LASIK Technology

Dr. Cavanaugh positions Cavanaugh Eye Center at the forefront of technology by utilizing the best technologies. Our laser technology, featuring small spot-scanning, wavefront optimization, topography-guided customization, femtosecond LASIK flap creation, and advanced eye-tracking, contributes to unparalleled post-operative vision.

Femtosecond Laser Blade-Free Technology

Bladeless LASIK, or femto LASIK, uses a femtosecond laser to create a small corneal flap for eye surgery. Dr. Cavanaugh uses the excimer laser to reshape the front of your eye for clear vision. Utilizing the latest technology, he ensures blade-free flap formation during the procedure. In conventional LASIK, a microkeratome (small instrument) is used to create the LASIK flap. In most cases, blade-free flap formation is the preferred method, but the microkeratome method is occasionally indicated. Dr. Cavanaugh is a cornea fellowship-trained surgeon and is an expert in both modalities.

Small Spot-Scanning Laser Technology

The second laser used during your LASIK procedure is called an excimer laser. This laser reshapes the tissue to correct your prescription and flaws in your visual system. At Cavanaugh Eye Center, our excimer laser uses small spot-scanning laser technology. This “dancing light” technology allows for more precise placement of the laser pattern to customize your treatment. These machines, called “flying-spot” lasers, scan small-diameter laser beams across the cornea to create the treatment zone. Small spot-scanning lasers can yield superior-quality vision by producing the smoothest and most customized LASIK treatments.

Additionally, all treatments at Cavanaugh Eye Center are “wavefront optimized” and help maintain the cornea’s natural shape post-operatively. Wavefront optimization significantly reduces unwanted side effects from previous excimer laser models, including older small spot-scanning lasers still used in many practices today. Even older generation broad beam lasers use a singular large round beam for the treatment. Broad beam lasers may increase the risk of over-correction, cause decentration of the treatment zone, and lack customization.

Wavefront Guided Aberrometer

Proper pre-operative diagnostic measurements are key to ensuring excellent outcomes. Wavefront technology is the most significant, recent advancement in LASIK surgery. Wavefront aberrometry identifies unique distortions within the optical system, allowing for more customized treatment.

Eye-Tracking System Technology

Our advanced eye-tracking ensures the laser follows your eye movement. The advanced tracker senses and tracks your eye rotation during treatment by enhancing astigmatism correction accuracy to unprecedented levels. This minimizes the risk of errors, enhancing the accuracy of astigmatism correction to unprecedented levels.

Laser Suite

Cavanaugh Eye Center is home to the state-of-the-art Laser Suite, built to perform accurate laser eye surgery. We control its environment with a humidifier, dehumidifier, power supply, and HEPA bacteria filtration system. This ensures the ideal temperature and humidity for optimal laser performance and surgical outcomes. There is no safer or more ideal atmosphere in which to have your laser eye surgery.

About Overland Park LASIK Specialist Dr. Cavanaugh

Dr. Cavanaugh is a renowned corneal and LASIK specialist known for his excellence in LASIK procedures. Having received advanced corneal surgical training at the Wilmer Eye Institute of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Cavanaugh’s expertise positions him to address crucial cornea-related issues integral to LASIK. Since starting his career in 1990, Dr. Cavanaugh has performed over 28,000 refractive procedures. As a key study investigator for FDA-guided LASIK studies, Dr. Cavanaugh was pivotal in shaping laser vision correction.

Personal Care and Attention

Dr. Cavanaugh and Dr. Jaynes take a very personalized approach with each patient and are directly involved with your care every step of the way. You will find that our outstanding staff is highly skilled, knowledgeable, professional, and very friendly. Dr. Cavanaugh has hand-picked the best in the field to bring you the finest experience and results at Cavanaugh Eye Center.

Countless Happy Patients

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Financing Your LASIK Procedure

Multiple payment options are available to cover LASIK costs at Cavanaugh Eye Center. These include comprehensive fees, flexible spending accounts, and financing through CareCredit. We require full payment at the time of service, and CareCredit offers various payment plans with deferred interest options. Applying for CareCredit is straightforward, and our surgical counselors can assist you.

Signs You Are Ready For LASIK in Overland Park

Glasses and contacts can be costly, extremely limiting, and prevent you from living your desired lifestyle. If you are experiencing these situations, it’s time for LASIK in Overland Park, KS!

  • Costly and Limiting: Glasses and contacts can become expensive and severely limit your lifestyle.
  • Hindered Activities: If glasses and contacts impede your desired lifestyle and activities.
  • Inconvenience: The inconvenience of dealing with glasses and contacts in various situations.
  • Desire for Freedom: The desire for freedom from the limitations of glasses and contacts.
  • Readiness for Change: If you find yourself ready for a positive change and visual freedom, it’s time for LASIK!
  • Hazardous Professions: If your job involves hazards in law enforcement, construction, or dusty/chemical environments, LASIK may be essential.
  • Contacts-Related Discomfort: LASIK can provide relief if contacts cause dryness and strain.

Are You A Good Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

If you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, you can benefit from LASIK eye surgery. Find out by visiting Cavanaugh Eye Center for a complimentary refractive consultation, including diagnostics with cutting-edge technology.

Other factors to determine if you are a good candidate include:

  • Age considerations: LASIK addresses presbyopia; blended vision or lens implants are alternatives.
  • Overall eye health: LASIK may not suit eye diseases like keratoconus or glaucoma.
  • Eye anatomy factors: Thin corneas, large pupils, or scarring may affect LASIK candidacy.
  • Prescription drugs or pregnancy: Medications and pregnancy can impact eye health.
  • Your expectations: Dr. Cavanaugh ensures LASIK meets your expectations before determining candidacy.

Cavanaugh Eye Center provides our patients with the priceless gift of natural vision. We invest time and technology to offer the most proven, effective solutions for vision problems. We offer several LASIK alternatives for those who are not good candidates for LASIK. Dr. Cavanaugh will perform a thorough examination to determine if any laser eye surgery solution is right for you.

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