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Dr. Cavanaugh has helped thousands of patients achieve visual freedom from glasses or contacts. 

Individuals over the age of 40 have unique vision needs. Presbyopia, often called “over-40 vision,” eventually affects everyone, but reading glasses and squinting over menus don’t have to become a permanent part of your life.

As we enter middle age, just as we also begin to notice the subtle aches and pains of aging in our bodies, the lens of the eye begins to lose its flexibility. If you have worn glasses for far vision in the past, you may notice that you suddenly need to remove glasses to read your phone, thread a needle, or other near-to-you tasks that weren’t a problem in the past. You may also find yourself struggling to read street signs or discern the direction of blurry headlights at night. These are the effects of presbyopia.

Over time, and left uncorrected, the lens eventually becomes cloudy and opaque. This is the formation of cataracts, and like presbyopia, eventually everyone develops cataracts to some degree.

At Cavanaugh Eye Center, not only do we perform cataract surgery, but we offer solutions for presbyopia that can provide you with clear, natural vision before a cataract develops. An added bonus is that, with some procedures, you will never have to worry about losing your vision to cataracts.

Every patient is different, and that is why Cavanaugh Eye Center uses experience and access to the latest technology to tailor a presbyopia solution to your needs. One size does not fit all when treating patients over 40. Dr. Cavanaugh’s advanced corneal training and involvement in research can give you confidence in your procedure and management plan. We invite you to learn more about how Cavanaugh Eye Center can help you experience the best possible vision beyond age 40.

There are several available solutions for presbyopia, including:

When you visit Cavanaugh Eye Center in Overland Park, Kansas for a consultation, Dr. Cavanaugh or Dr. Jaynes will use the most advanced diagnostic technology to determine which option is best for your unique eyes. All of our solutions are safe, proven, and effective in treating the loss in near vision that comes with presbyopia.

Interested in understanding the underlying causes of presbyopia? Dr. Cavanaugh has put together this informative blog series here.

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