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Dan Boresaw


Danny Boresow calls his experience with LASIK surgery at Cavanaugh Eye Center life changing. He previously wore glasses and contact lenses, which he particularly hated, and he now finds travel and sports activities to be much easier without dealing with corrective lenses. Mr. Boresow says he chose Dr. Cavanaugh because when it came to his eyesight, he wanted the best. The doctor and staff at the Center were caring and dedicated, making him feel assured he was in the best possible hands.

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Danny: My name is Danny Borsoe and I got LASIK done in March of 2010. I had a hard time putting contacts in because I hated doing that stuff, and it's so much easier now. So, when we travel and I play softball and I'm out golfing I don't have to worry about the contacts and the glasses. It's truly life changing. When you're dealing with your eyesight you want the best. So, that's why we went with Dr. Cavanaugh. I've told lots of people, if someone's thinking about LASIK or they're sick of wearing glasses, like I was, and hate having contacts, which I absolutely hated, if you don't meet with Dr. Cavanaugh then you're missing the boat. It's just a different kind of vibe, when you come into the door. They really care about you. And you don't find that very often in today's business place. And, so, the staffs friendly. The day after I got my LASIK done, I came in the next day, it was on a Saturday morning, Dr. Cavanaugh was here going through my eyes to make sure everything was good. And it was just all the little things that go a long way, is what these guys do. And step by step, they tell you what they were doing, when they're doing it. And, so, you know, it makes you feel rest assured that you've got the best people working for you. When I hear Dr. Cavanaugh, the two words that come to mind are life changing. That's it, life changing. They've changed my life.

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