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Kristen Keplinger


Kristen Keplinger had Staar implant surgery at Cavanaugh Eye Center as an alternative to LASIK, which wasn’t an appropriate option for her. Her vision with the implants has changed her life, freeing her from the hassles that go along with wearing glasses and contact lenses. Ms. Keplinger looks forward to many years of lasting freedom without having to update prescriptions for vision correction. She recommends Cavanaugh Eye Center as a great facility with a great staff and doctors she trusts.

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Kristen Keplinger: My name is Kristen Keplinger, and I had the staar implants done on my eyes. Lasik wasn't a possibility for me, just due to different factors but they told me about the staar implants, which when I explain it to people I explain them as basically just implantable lenses in your eyes sort of. After I had the surgery I noticed right away in my vision. It truly has changed how I go about in my day to day life. And just not having to worry about any of those things that go along with having glasses and contacts. I'm glad to be rid of them forever. Having the staar implants put in my eyes definitely has changed my life and I love that looking years down the road I don't have to go back and continue to get new contact lenses and change glasses prescriptions. It's something that will last me for many more years to come. I would definitely recommend Calvin Eye Center to other people. In Overland Park they're in a great location as far as in South Johnson county but for anybody, it's a great staff it's a great facility. Their doctors that know what they're doing. I trust them and I would not give my eyes to just anybody but I truly would recommend Calvin Eye Center to someone that's wanting to have a procedure done with their eyes.

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