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Once you’ve made the decision to pursue refractive surgery, you can relax knowing you’re in the best of hands with Dr. Cavanaugh, who has performed more than 25,000 surgeries and has over 20 years of experience in laser vision correction. Once Dr. Cavanaugh determines you are a LASIK candidate, your outpatient surgery will be quick and painless, using advanced laser systems that create clearer vision than ever before. The day after your surgery, you’ll enjoy the life-changing experience of clear vision without glasses or contact lenses.

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Narrator: The decision to have refractive surgery is an exciting step towards achieving improved natural vision. Dr. Cavanaugh and our staff help navigate you through your journey to clear vision and a lifestyle free of glasses and contact lenses. Whether or not LASIK is right for you can only be determined by a refractive evaluation. When you arrive at Cavanaugh Eye Center for your refractive evaluation, you will meet our warm and caring staff. A highly-trained technician will perform a series of specialized tests and measurements on your eyes, as well as to obtain a detailed medical history. When you meet Dr. Cavanaugh, he will examine your eyes, review your history and exam data, and discuss your visual goals and lifestyle to recommend the best refractive surgical procedure tailored specifically for you. Dr. Cavanaugh takes a personalized approach with every patient and is directly involved with your care from beginning to end. On your surgery day, you return to Cavanaugh Eye Center, enter the laser suite, and recline in a relaxed position on the laser bed. Before surgery, anesthetic drops are used to numb the eye. LASIK is performed on one eye at a time, is painless, and takes only a few minutes per eye. Our compassion staff will hold your hand to help you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Relax, you're in great hands. Dr. Cavanaugh has over 20 years of experience in laser vision correction and has performed over 25,000 refractic procedures. For LASIK, we offer both standard and custom wavefront LASIK procedures using the most advanced laser systems to create clearer vision than ever before. After surgery, your eyes will be examined again and a technician will review post-operative medications and instructions with you. Afterwards you return home to take a nap and start your eyedrops. The very next day your vision should be greatly improved. You return to your doctor for your post- operative exam free from glasses and contact lenses, and ready to enjoy the impact of this life- changing experience.

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