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Kristine Mauck


Kristine Mauck came to Cavanaugh Eye Center for a LASIK evaluation, having worn glasses since she was in first grade. Dr. Cavanaugh found cataracts in her eyes, so he performed cataract surgery with Tecnis multi-focal lens implants. Kristine says she now needs no glasses for reading and also sees long distances clearly. She calls her experience “amazing” and calls the staff at Cavanaugh Eye Center very professional and a great team.

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Chris: My name is Chris Mock, I came to get an evaluation for LASIK surgery, and I've worn glasses since I was in first grade. So, when he did the procedure, he found that I had cataracts in my eyes. So, he did the cataract surgery and used the new Tecnis lenses. Which are multifocal lenses. Which have been really great. And I can see, I can see close. I read a lot, I don't have to use any glasses for reading. I see distance well. It's just been amazing. They make you feel very comfortable. They don't rush you into anything or into any decisions. They explain everything that you ask. They're very professional. It's a great team, they work together well. It's really amazing. I really had an amazing experience.

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