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Larry and Garry Hocker


Larry and Garry Hocker are twin brothers who both had cornea transplants at Cavanaugh Eye Center, and call the results exceptional. Gary appreciated the helpful staff thoroughly explaining all procedures, and said he never felt uncomfortable during or after the three different procedures he underwent. Larry is pleased to be able to use his new vision in fishing and golf pastimes that were previously prohibited, and Gary said there is nothing better than being able to see the joy and sparkle in his grandchild’s eyes.

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Larry: My name is Larry Hocker. This is my brother Gary Hocker. We both had cornea transplants. Whenever I had my first cornea transplant, he was having his second transplant. It happened to be the same donor. And our experience has been great. It's just been absolutely great. Gary: The staff's been wonderful. They have provided us with, they've answered every question that we've ever had. They have spent time with us going over all the procedures to explain what was to be taken care of. During the procedure, if you had any question, they would go over that portion of it. And in my particular case, I had three different procedures done from the time we started to the time it was over. And never felt uncomfortable at any time with any of the procedures as it was taking place or thereafter. Larry: It has given us the opportunity to do things that we were not able to do before. He and I like to fish. We were not able to, something as simple as tie a line onto a hook, we were not able to do that. Or play golf. We were not able to do that without having somebody in the golf cart with us to watch where we would hit the balls. Sometimes that's good, sometimes that's bad. You know? Gary: My wife and I have four grandchildren and did not recognize, realize how much I was missing in the raising of our grandchildren. It sounds corny, however didn't realize how much you can see in a grandchild's eyes when they're smiling, when they're laughing, when something happy takes place. When they're blowing candles out on their birthday or something along that line. To be able to see the joy in their eyes, the sparkle in their eyes. And from a grandfather's perspective, there is nothing better in the world than to be able to see that. Larry: I would recommend Cavanaugh Eye Center for anyone. It's just been amazing. They have done just an exceptional job.

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