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Custom Wavefront is a state-of-the-art advancement in LASIK surgery, providing patients with an even greater level of safety and accuracy than ever before. This technology detects distortions in the optical system to eliminate post-surgery visual side effects such as streaks and halos around lights. It also provides for advanced eye tracking control, resulting in effective, accurate correction of astigmatism with laser surgery.

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Dr. Cavanaugh: Custom wavefront treatment is really the state of the art. And what we do with that is we take each person individually, scan the eyes with an aberrometer which detects distortions in the optical system that we never knew existed before. These are the things that cause people to have streaks and halos around lights and eyes and the distortion or the noise or junk in the optical system. The standard Lasik, it treats the patient just like the glasses or contacts. It corrects the prescription but it doesn't do anything about those aberrations or those other distortions. So this is really a step beyond. It has a tremendous eye tracker that some of the other lasers don't have. Something called advanced control eye tracking which allows us to accurately correct astigmatism. And I don't know how many times I've heard where patients say, 'I'm not a candidate for Lasik because I have astigmatism.' And that's not true anymore. With this, it uses active radar to lock onto the surface of the eye, it locks on to the center of the pupil and if the patient moves their eye whatsoever it tracks in all directions. Left, right, up, down, and rotation. And rotation is really key for astigmatism correct. At the scanner we sense the location of the eye and then the laser we sense it again. We can make adjustments with the laser to follow and track that treatment the entire time. So the level of safety and accuracy is unheralded in what we've ever seen before and it's been a tremendous advance for our patients.

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