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Dan Dolan


Dan Dolan spent 20 years playing competitive golf while wearing contact lenses, and describes his struggle putting contacts in for early tee times and playing in windy weather. Now, after LASIK surgery, he’s up and fully functional in seconds, with no concern for windy conditions. Mr. Dolan was aware of the reputation of Dr. Cavanaugh, and his own surgery at Cavanaugh Eye Center was no exception. It took minutes, he felt nothing, and he was seeing clearly the next day. He likens the experience to a ‘mini-miracle’ and wishes he had done it much sooner.

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Dan: My name is Dan Doylen, I had the LASIK procedure done with Dr. Cavanaugh within the last 6 months. You know it's great, you can tell that he is very well respected in the community and you can definitely tell from the other people who I 've met who have done the same thing. You just get that feel of, "who did you see when you got your LASIK done in Kansas City? Dr. Cavanaugh. Oh, yeah, me too." And the experiences have been fantastic. I spent 20 years of playing competitive golf, in my mid 30's now, always wearing contacts. And to wake up in the and morning and have that pain of sticking that contact lens on your eye, it was tough. Especially on windy days, as well. And morning tee times were brutal. And playing in extreme wind was just incredibly challenging. I haven't had a problem with that at all. I can wake up and be fully functional in a second and windy days don't bother me at all anymore. It took minutes and I felt nothing and within the next 24 hours I was up and back a normal life and able to see. I consider it, almost, a mini miracle. I wish I did it a lot sooner, to be honest with you.

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