Don and Glenda Beaver – Multifocus Lens Implant Patients


Don and Glenda Beaver


Don and Glenda Beaver are husband and wife patients of Cavanaugh Eye Center. Don was treated for astigmatism and Glenda had cataract surgery. Both received multi-focal lens implants, and are enjoying their new clear vision. In a trip to Kauai, the flowers were sharp and clear, and Glenda no longer has to waste time searching for glasses. The two describe Dr. Cavanaugh and his staff as personable and always willing to answer questions and provide clear explanations.

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Don: My name is Don Beaver, and I had a stigmatism taken out of my eyes and I had the bifocal lens implants done, to both eyes, and it's wonderful. Glenda: I'm Glenda Beaver, I had cataracts removed and bifocal implants installed. And I'm very happy. Don: We recently went to Kauai, and all the flowers were just sharp and clear. It's really worthwhile to have it done. Glenda: It's great being able to see without having to go find my glasses. Don: Dr. Cavanaugh is great. He's real smooth. He explains everything in very clear detail. Answers questions whenever you have a question, so you can understand it. And the staff here is just absolutely wonderful. Doesn't matter who you talk to, they're all willing to help. Glenda: Well, Dr. Cavanaugh was wonderful. he's very personable and likes to interact with his patients. And it's been a very pleasant experience

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