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Patients can experience blurred vision due to age-related cloudiness in the lens of the eye, but this can be corrected by safe, effective cataract surgery. At Cavanaugh eye center, you will receive extensive testing by certified technicians followed by a cataract evaluation by word-class ophthalmologist Timothy Cavanaugh. If Dr. Cavanaugh recommends surgery, he will suggest an intraocular lens implant that results in restored vision without the need for glasses or contacts.

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Narrator: Cataracts are a normal part of the aging process, but they do not have to interfere with your lifestyle. A cataract is a cloudiness of the crystalline lens inside your eye which will gradually blur your vision. Surgery is required to treat cataracts and restore vision. Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most commonly performed outpatient surgical procedures in the United States today. Your eye doctor may diagnose you with cataracts and recommend a cataract evaluation with Doctor Timothy Cavanaugh at Cavanaugh Eye Center. When you arrive at Cavanaugh Eye Center for your cataract evaluation you'll be greeted by our warm and caring staff. Our team of certified optometric technicians have been hand picked by Doctor Cavanaugh. The technician will begin your preoperative testing to get you ready for the Doctor. You will find this thorough exam an enjoyable experience with our friendly staff. They will perform a variety of sophisticated measurements and tests before your comprehensive dilative eye examination with Doctor Cavanaugh. During your exam with Doctor Cavanaugh he may diagnose cataracts and recommend surgery with an intraocular lens known as an IOL to correct your vision. Doctor Cavanaugh has extensive experience with the latest premium multi-focal or accommodating IOLs which can reduce your dependence on glasses for all distances, near, far, and everything in between. Doctor Cavanaugh will recommend the best IOL for you based on your lifestyle, your eye exam findings, and the discussion with you during your exam. Your surgery will be scheduled at Deer Creek Surgery Center, which is a state-of- the-art, medicare certified, ophthalmology ambulatory surgery center with the latest equipment and exceptionally-trained nurses. You will arrive on the scheduled date to Deer Creek Surgery Center to have your cataract surgery. After a brief check in at the front desk, your surgical preparation will begin with compassionate nurses and our anesthetists. The nurses perform some of the required testing like your vital signs. You will then lie on a comfortable surgical bed the remainder of your stay until discharge. Our preoperative nurses will tend to you while our experienced anesthetists administer a sedative and numb your eye to prepare you for surgery. The operating room staff will move you to the OR and prep you for surgery. Our goal is to make sure you're comfortable for your brief procedure. During your surgery, Doctor Cavanaugh will remove your cataract through a very small incision in the cornea that's sealed without sutures. A sophisticated ultrasound vacuum is used to gently break up and remove the clouded lens. Your replacement intraocular lens, or IOL is then inserted to provide improved vision. Typically cataracts surgery is pain free using topical anesthesia and takes only a few minutes. Once you leave the operating room, you are taken to recovery where your vital signs are checked. After that, it's on to the discharge room where you're offered a drink and a snack while our nurses review all post-operative instructions with you and your family. At the end of your journey, you leave the surgery center via convenient curbside pickup to return home to rest and start taking your eye drops. The day after surgery you will have your required one day post-op examination with your doctor to make sure your eye is feeling well and no complications have occurred. Most patients are comfortable with improved vision by the very next day. We hope you find that the combination of Doctor Cavanaugh's world class expertise, our state-of- the-art facilities and technology, as well as our professional caring staff will make having your cataracts surgery at Cavanaugh Eye Center the right choice to improve your vision and lifestyle.

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