Part 5: Eliminate Distance and Reading Glasses

While many surgical eyecare offices offer only one treatment option for Presbyopia, cornea and refractive surgery fellowship-trained Dr. Cavanaugh has experience with a myriad of treatment options. One of these options to help patients achieve the best vision possible without glasses or contacts is NearVision CK (Conductive Keratoplasty).

This safe and effective procedure utilizes radio waves to gently change the shape of your cornea thereby treating low to moderate levels of farsightedness and presbyopia. The result is less dependency on reading glasses or contact lenses and an easier time seeing your computer, cell phone, or reading materials.

original near vision ck clip image003 1NearVision CK is done at Cavanaugh Eye Center’s Overland Park office. The procedure is quick and painless as there are no incisions or sutures utilized during this treatment. Patients should expect a mild level of irritation for approximately two days after the procedure. Initially, you will be “over-treated” but your vision will stabilize over the first one to three months.

original 1For more information regarding NearVision CK, check out our website and FAQ section. Our free patient seminars are a great way to educate yourself on NearVision CK and other comparable treatment options. Call our office at 913-897-9200 to schedule your consultation today!

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