Part 4: Eliminate Distance and Reading Glasses

LASIK Over 40

Both Dr. Cavanaugh and Dr. Jaynes often hear from patients: “I know I am too old for LASIK”. Many times, this is not true! LASIK can be a very effective and successful treatment option for patients who are affected by presbyopia (not sure what presbyopia is?) Click here.

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How LASIK Can Help

While LASIK does not stop the natural progression of presbyopia, we can utilize LASIK to help turn back the clock and significantly decrease your reliance on reading glasses. This is done by creating a blended vision offset. Your dominant eye will be set for crisp distance vision while your non-dominant eye is biased for near vision. This is different than true “monovision” and you should maintain depth perception while still appreciating a wider range of functional vision with blended vision.

LASIK Could Be the Right Choice for You

LASIK with blended vision is an excellent option for patients in their 40s and 50s. Dr. Cavanaugh performs laser vision correction in our custom LASIK suite at our Overland Park office. If you would like to learn more about your options, sign up for one of our free vision correction seminars or call 913-897-9200 to schedule a consultation today.

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