Cavanaugh Eye Center wants you to be comfortable with all aspects of the LASIK process

Cavanaugh Eye Center believes the decision to have refractive surgery should be an exciting and educational process. We want our patients to be comfortable with the LASIK process from the initial consultation to post-operative care visits. We invite you to explore the comprehensive information on LASIK provided below to help you familiarize yourself with LASIK, Cavanaugh Eye Center, and Dr. Cavanaugh.

LASIK & Dr. Cavanaugh

Dr. Cavanaugh has the experience and training to provide you with exceptional LASIK outcomes Over…MORE >>

Why Choose Cavanaugh Eye Center for LASIK?

Dr. Cavanaugh has the training, experience, and unsurpassed technology to provide you with optimal LASIK…MORE >>

Your LASIK Experience
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Cavanaugh Eye Center wants you to be comfortable with all aspects of your surgical procedure…MORE >>

Wavefront Guided
Laser Technology

Cavanaugh Eye Center performs custom wavefront LASIK at our Overland Park location What is Custom…MORE >>


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Financing Your LASIK Procedure

There are several payment options available for your refractive procedure Comprehensive Fees At Cavanaugh Eye…MORE >>

Astigmatism Correction Options

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Not a LASIK Candidate? – Refractive Alternatives

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