Wavefront LASIK

Cavanaugh Eye Center performs custom Wavefront Custom LASIK at our Overland Park location

What is Custom LASIK?

Custom Wavefront LASIK, also referred to as “Custom LASIK” or “Wavefront LASIK” allows for greater quality vision versus traditional LASIK surgery and LASIK Alternatives. This technology is a major advancement over standard LASIK because it allows us to detect and treat more of your vision abnormalities. For many years, standard LASIK could only treat your basic prescription and produce clarity results similar to glasses. Eyes are as individual as fingerprints and some patients have more complex vision problems than others. If your eyes have elevated levels of Higher Order Aberrations (HOA), which are subtle optical imperfections above and beyond the prescription in your glasses, you may benefit from treatment with Custom Wavefront LASIK.

Custom Wavefront is a state-of-the-art advancement in LASIK surgery, providing patients with an even greater level of safety and accuracy than ever before. This technology detects distortions in the optical system to eliminate post-surgery visual side effects such as streaks and halos around lights. It also provides for advanced eye tracking control, resulting in effective, accurate correction of astigmatism with laser surgery.

Standard vs. Custom LASIK

How much you see depends on vision abnormalities such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism (known as lower order aberrations), which traditional LASIK can treat. However, how well you see can depend on the presence and severity of visual distortions called higher order aberrations (HOA). HOAs can create visual problems such as blurred vision, decreased contrast sensitivity, poor night vision, glare, shadows and halos. Unlike traditional LASIK, Wavefront-guided LASIK treats both lower and higher-order aberrations which may result in better quality vision than what you could achieve with glasses or contact lenses.

Custom wavefront technology allows Dr. Cavanaugh to improve both the quantity and quality of your vision which translates into a greater chance of achieving freedom from glasses and reduced risk of post-LASIK complications such as glare, halos and difficulty with night vision. Every patient seen at Cavanaugh Eye Center is evaluated for potential treatment with the custom LASIK system and is an option for patients with nearsightedness and/or astigmatism if their prescription is in the approved treatment range.

There are several advantages to Custom Wavefront LASIK that include:

  • Greater chance of achieving 20/20 vision or better
  • Reduced chance of losing best-corrected vision
  • Reduced chance of losing visual quality or contrast sensitivity
  • Reduced night-vision disturbances such as glare and halos
  • Conserves greater amount of tissue for those patients with thin corneas
  • Studies have shown that visual results with custom LASIK are more predictable than with traditional or standard LASIK

Why should you choose Cavanaugh Eye Center for your laser procedure?

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