Why Choose Cavanaugh Eye Center for LASIK?

Dr. Cavanaugh has the training, experience, and unsurpassed technology to provide you with optimal LASIK eye surgery results

Experience and Skill of our Surgeon

Training. Dr. Cavanaugh is a fellowship trained corneal specialist. He received his advanced corneal surgical training at the Wilmer Eye Institute of Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He has dedicated his life’s work specifically towards treatment of diseases of the cornea. Because most refractive surgery procedures involve surgery on the cornea, it is best to have a true corneal specialist involved in your care.

Experience. Experience matters when it comes to LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Cavanaugh has been performing Laser refractive procedures since 1990 and has done over 25,000 refractive procedures. He has extensive experience with all approved laser platforms as well as other types of refractive procedures such as cataract surgery and refractive lens implants.

Leadership. Dr. Cavanaugh has been at the forefront of the laser vision correction field since entering practice in 1990; as a key study investigator, he was instrumental in getting refractive lasers approved for use in the United States. He was a Co-investigator of the first FDA guided LASIK study to use the microkeratome in the United States.

Personal Care and Attention

Dr. Cavanaugh and Dr. Jaynes take a very personalized approach with each patient and are directly involved with your care every step of the way. Every great doctor surrounds himself with the finest staff. You will find our outstanding staff is highly skilled, knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. Dr. Cavanaugh has hand-picked the best in the field to bring you the best experience and results at Cavanaugh Eye Center.

The Best LASIK Technology

Cavanaugh Eye Center is committed to providing the best technology available for our patients. Dr. Cavanaugh has used his personal experience with all types of lasers, data from FDA clinical trials, and the results of his own comparative study to choose the premier laser on the market today. Our laser utilizes the most up-to-date technology to provide unsurpassed customization. Small spot-scanning laser technology, wavefront guided laser treatments, femtosecond LASIK flap creation, and accurate eye-tracking all contribute to excellent vision post-operatively.

Femtosecond Laser Blade-Free Technology

Bladeless LASIK, also known as blade-free or femto LASIK eye surgery, utilizes a femtosecond laser to create a small flap in the clear tissue in the front of the eye, the cornea. This painless process allows Dr. Cavanaugh to then use a second laser, an excimer laser, to reshape the front of the eye and provide you with clear vision. During the procedure, Dr. Cavanaugh uses the latest technology in blade-free flap formation. In conventional LASIK, a microkeratome (small instrument) is used to create the LASIK flap. In most cases, blade-free flap formation is the preferred method, but occasionally the microkeratome method is indicated. Dr. Cavanaugh is a Cornea Fellowship trained surgeon and is an expert in both modalities.

Small Spot-Scanning Laser Technology

The second laser used during your LASIK procedure is called an excimer laser. This laser reshapes the tissue to correct your prescription and flaws in your visual system. At Cavanaugh Eye Center, our excimer laser uses small spot-scanning laser technology. This “dancing light” technology allows for more precise placement of the laser pattern to customize treatments and blends the treatment edges to give a smoother corneal shape. Also known as “flying-spot” lasers, these machines use small-diameter laser beams to produce the treatment zone after being scanned across the cornea. Small spot-scanning lasers have the potential to produce the smoothest and most customized LASIK treatments yielding superior quality of vision. Older generation broad beam lasers use a singular large round beam for the treatment. Potential disadvantages of broad beam lasers are an increased chance of over-correction, decentration of the treatment zone, and lack of customization.

Wavefront Guided Aberrometer

Proper diagnostic measurements pre-operatively are key to ensuring excellent outcomes. Wavefront technology is the most significant, recent advancement in LASIK surgery. Wavefront aberrometry precisely identifies unique distortions within the entire optical system, allowing for more customized treatment.

Eye-Tracking System Technology

Advanced eye-tracking allows our laser to follow any eye movement during your procedure, virtually eliminating the possibility of laser pulses being applied in the wrong place. This advanced tracker senses and tracks the rotation of your eye during treatment to enhance the accuracy of astigmatism correction to unprecedented levels.

Outstanding Facilities – Laser Suite

Cavanaugh Eye Center is proud to offer our patients a state-of-the-art laser suite that is absolutely unique to our practice. Dr. Cavanaugh has customized this suite to achieve superior surgical results for his patients. It is the only laser suite in the Kansas City area to have been built from the ground up specifically for the purpose of performing consistently accurate laser eye surgery. Maintaining control over the environment of the laser suite ensures the ideal temperature and humidity for optimum laser performance and surgical outcomes. The laser suite is equipped with its own humidifier, dehumidifier, power supply, and HEPA bacteria filtration system. There is no safer or more ideal atmosphere in which to have your laser eye surgery.

Word of Mouth: Happy Patients

“Words cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. It’s like looking at the world through “new eye’s”. We would also like to thank you for the courtesy calls the night after surgery. They were comforting and very much appreciated. We are highly recommending anyone that has a thought about LASIK to come see you. Thanks again.”

-Eddie & Carlene J.

“Dear Cavanaugh Eye Center Staff,

Please accept this letter as my sincere desire to let you know what a truly exceptional staff you have. I had LASIK Eye Surgery with Dr. Timothy Cavanaugh and in the process I came into contact with 8-10 different staff members at your office. Every single person who helped me was courteous, friendly, warm, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. Perhaps this is influenced by Dr. Cavanaugh as he himself exhibits all of these character qualities. Such treatment in today’s world must be commented on. It is indeed rare to find such an office full of truly pleasant professionals. My sincere thanks.”

-Christine M.

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