Payment for Corneal Surgeries

Cavanaugh Eye Center’s skilled billing department is here to help you with any questions

Insurance Coverage and Fees

Many corneal treatment options and procedures are covered due to their medical nature, however, non-covered services are the patient’s responsibility. Your unique health insurance plan dictates your deductible amount, copayments, or other co-insurance. Our skilled billing department will do their best to provide you with an accurate estimate of benefits and out-of-pocket expenses.

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CEC Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing Cavanaugh Eye Center for your Ophthalmic needs. We are pleased to have you as our patient. With today’s rising cost of health care, we are making every effort to keep fee increases to a minimum. In order to do this, we need your help in fulfilling your financial obligations. The following is a statement of our Financial Policy.

We require 24 hour notice of rescheduled/cancelled appointments to avoid a fee.


Please supply us with a current copy of your insurance card.
Please notify us of any changes in your address or telephone number.
All copays are due at the time of service.
All non-covered services such as refractions (new prescription for glasses) and elective procedures will be due at the time of service.
All referrals are the responsibility of the member/patient and must be current prior to your visit.
Your estimated portion, including any deductibles, co-insurance or non-covered service will be expected to be paid prior to your surgery date (our business office will notify you in advance if this is required).
Patient balances are due 30 days after the insurance notifies our office of patient responsibility.
Patient will be responsible for any fees associated with enforcement of collection action.

Payment in full is required at the time of service.

As a courtesy, we will gladly assist you by filing your claim with your insurance carrier. If you receive a statement from our office after insurance has paid or denied, the balance then becomes your responsibility to pay. If you disagree with the balance for any reason please contact our business office at 913-897-9200.