Lens Implants

At your consultation, Dr. Cavanaugh will help you choose the lens implants that suit your needs

Recent technological advancements offer us wonderful choices of lens implants, called IOLs, but the variety of options can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. Dr. Cavanaugh and his team will complete a thorough evaluation prior to making a lens recommendation.

In addition to your eye exam and testing, we will utilize a “Vision Questionnaire” to evaluate your hobbies, vocation demands, and goals to help guide us to the right lens implant choice for you.

There are three different categories of IOLs for you to consider depending on your desire from freedom from glasses:

  1. Single Vision IOLs: Single-focus lens implants provide excellent distance vision but do not correct astigmatism or presbyopia. If a patient has pre-existing astigmatism and elects for a single vision IOL, glasses will be needed for distance vision.Regardless of astigmatism status, all patients choosing this type of lens will need reading glasses for near work. Monofocal lenses are best for patients who do not mind wearing glasses most of the time for distance and reading. These are the least expensive option as they are covered by insurance for cataract patients. Many patients who select a monofocal IOL also choose “blended vision.”Blended vision optimizes the dominant eye for distance but provides functional near vision out of the non-dominant eye. For more information regarding single vision IOLs and blended vision, click here.
  2. Toric or Astigmatism Correcting IOLs: Toric IOLs have your astigmatism power incorporated into the lens optic and provide the most precise way to reduce or eliminate astigmatism at the same time they correct a patient’s myopia or hyperopia. These IOLs are for cataract patients with pre-existing astigmatism who want spectacle reduction for distance vision or a reduction in the thickness of glasses.Most toric IOLs are monofocal IOLs and cannot correct presbyopia. However, there is now a revolutionary IOL called the Crystalens Trulign that not only corrects astigmatism but also flexes inside the eye to provide an expanded range of vision from distance to near. This helps reduce dependency on reading glasses. Click here for further information on toric / astigmatism correcting IOLs.
  3. Multi-focus (Presbyopic Correcting) IOLs: Multi-focus lenses are the implants of choice for patients wanting the greatest freedom from glasses for a full range of vision—so they can see distance and near objects simultaneously quite well in both eyes without glasses, in most cases.For this group of patients, these implants can be the best investment they ever make. Click here to read more about presbyopic correcting IOLs and the different technologies available to you.