Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Precise, Predictable, Personalized Laser-assisted Cataract Eye Surgery Solutions

Alcon’s LenSx® Laser

Cavanaugh Eye Center embraces change and innovation in our commitment to providing patients the finest in eye care. We are proud to announce that Cavanaugh Eye Center offers bladeless cataract surgery utilizing Alcon’s LenSx® Laser. The LenSx® laser suite provides automation of the most challenging steps during cataract surgery and enables the surgeon to create precise incisions using an image guided laser. The high-definition imaging technology allows Dr. Cavanaugh to see a detailed image of your eye, real-time, during surgery. This has brought a new level of accuracy to laser refractive cataract surgery providing unparalleled, predictable results.

In addition to LenSx® laser-assisted cataract surgery, your procedure will be tailored to your unique eyes with the VERIONTM Image Guided System. This one-of-a-kind, personalized technology links measurements in the office to the operating room. It gives Dr. Cavanaugh a custom blueprint scan of your eyes when planning for your procedure and digital markers during your surgery to ensure optimized placement of your cataract incisions and your lens implant. You can rest assured that Dr. Cavanaugh is using the most advanced cataract surgery technology available today. This revolutionary technology provides Cavanaugh Eye Center patients the option to receive personalized cataract surgery with precise and predictable results.

At Cavanaugh Eye Center, we use the Alcon LenSx® Laser for bladeless cataract surgery. The LenSx® Laser allows our eye surgeons to access, break up, and remove a cataract-ridden lens with more precision than traditional cataract surgery. Patients enjoy faster healing time and reduced chance of infection from their cataract surgery.

Manual versus Bladeless Laser-Assisted Cataract Eye Surgery

There are several different types of incisions made during cataract surgery. Incisions are made to allow Dr. Cavanaugh access to your cataract and to optimize your visual outcome by treating astigmatism. In manual cataract surgery, all incisions are made by hand, utilizing a blade. With LenSx bladeless, laser assisted cataract surgery, these delicate incisions are made by an automated laser guided by live OCT imaging to provide unmatched precision.

Capsulorhexis is the medical term used to describe the removal of the outer layer of the lens, a necessary step in cataract surgery. This is the single most important step in your visual outcome. In standard cataract surgery, this step is performed by the surgeon manually creating a surgical opening with a handheld instrument. The LenSx® technology offers Dr. Cavanaugh laser precision to create this opening and allows the lens implant replacing the cataract to have the best possible effective lens position (ELP). The ELP is what largely determines the accuracy of your prescription post-operatively. Perfect diameter and centration of this opening yields the most predictable post-operative visual results.

Cataract surgery requires an ultrasound vacuum (phacoemulsification) to segment and remove your cataract. The goal of your surgeon is to reduce the amount of time and energy needed to remove your cataract to maximize the safety of your procedure. The LenSx laser provides efficient laser segmentation and creates dissected fragments of your cataract that are easily removed. The laser fragmentation pattern can be customized to your eye depending on the severity and type of cataract that you have. This results in a significant decrease in time and energy needed to remove your cataract which leads to less swelling, inflammation and faster vision recovery versus the manual, bladed procedure.

The Best for You…

Dr. Timothy Cavanaugh will be performing bladeless cataract eye surgery at our Deer Creek Surgery Center location. This is the only full laser suite of its kind in the KC metro area and the entire state of Kansas. LenSx® was the first femtosecond laser to be FDA approved in the United States and the only complete system with this unique technology. You can feel confident in your laser assisted refractive cataract procedure as Dr. Cavanaugh is a fellowship-trained surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He is fully certified operating the LenSx® system.

What does bladeless laser refractive cataract surgery mean for you? A safe and comfortable cataract surgery experience with precise, predictable and personalized results. To schedule a consultation to discuss laser-assisted cataract surgery, call 913-897-9200.

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