Cataract Surgery is a Life Changing Experience

Cataract Surgery Testimonial:

New advancements in cataract surgery are allowing patients to achieve superior vision and freedom from glasses or contacts

Cataract surgery has evolved from treating the cloudy human lens in order to clear a patient’s vision to also accurately correcting the eye’s refractive prescription to allow for tremendous freedom from glasses. While everything else in our bodies deteriorates with age, this procedure has provided a “fountain of youth” to turn back the clock on our vision. Here is what some of our patients had to say about their experience:

”My life has changed dramatically. I never had great vision and always had glasses from early on. I would highly recommend Cavanaugh Eye Center.”

“I had bifocal lens implants done to both eyes and it is wonderful. We recently went to Kaui and all of the flowers were just sharp and clear. It is really worthwhile to have it done.”

“I had cataracts removed and bifocal implants installed and I am very happy. It is great being able to see without going to find my glasses.”

Rev Thomas Curran had Crystalens implants after cataract surgery at Cavanaugh Eye Center. In his cataract surgery testimonial, he says his life has changed dramatically since then, because he had never before experienced clear vision without wearing glasses. He highly recommends Cavanaugh Center, citing the care they take to ensure patients make informed decisions about treatment through full understanding of the procedures. He felt a high level of comfort due to the extraordinary competence demonstrated as well as the concern shown for him as an individual.

What are cataracts and how are they treated?

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