Part 3: Eliminate Distance and Reading Glasses

ReSTOR / Tecnis Multi-focus IOLs

original 13The ReSTOR and Tecnis IOLs are two types of multifocal (MF) lens implants. Similar to the Crystalens (see Part Two of the series for details on the Crystalens), the goal of ReSTOR and Tecnis multifocal IOLs are to optimize your range of vision so that you can do tasks like driving and reading a book without having to wear glasses or contacts.

How Do They Work?

The lenses work by using rings of different powers embedded into the lens implant optic. Your brain chooses which image to pay attention to (near rings when reading, distance rings when driving). You do not have to move your eyes in different locations like you do with bifocal or no-line multifocal glasses.

original 14The main advantage of multifocal IOLs (ReSTOR and Tecnis) is that they give you the best chance of freedom from glasses, especially when comparing them to the accommodative type lens (Crystalens). Some patients experience temporary halos around lights at night and this is caused by reflections off of the lens rings. The halos improve over 3-6 months and are usually no problem for patients.

Next Steps

Multifocal IOLs are a great option for patients seeking to optimize how much they can see without glasses. Interested in a premium multifocal IOL? Attend one of our free seminars or call 913-897-9200 to schedule a consultation today.

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