Interesting Eye Facts


Here are some interesting facts about your amazing eyes:
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your….blink? Yep, that’s right. Your blink is amazingly fast. The average blink lasts 1/10th of a second.

It takes a village. Seeing is such a complex task, it requires approximately half of your brain.

No such thing as a cry baby. Newborn babies do not produce tears. They sure can make a crying sound! Tears don’t appear until 1-3 months after birth.

Small but mighty. Your eyes measure approximately 1 inch across and only ¼ of an ounce.

Nearsighted? Chances are your eyes are too long to focus light at a distance. Hey, don’t feel bad, if you were farsighted I would be telling you your eyes are too short!

Your parents were wrong. Sitting too close to the TV does NOT permanently damage your eyes, however it may put strain on your visual system and give you the headache you deserve for disobeying!

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